BAM Infotech is an IT support company serving the Small to Medium Business market in Australia, and based in Sydney. We provide a full range of IT services for businesses who need wide-ranging expertise and support from an outside source.

Our typical clients are SMB's on the East coast of Australia with a Head office in Sydney and regional or branch offices around Australia or overseas.

We can handle all of your IT requirements from needs analysis to specification, supply, installation and ongoing support for your LAN/WAN environment. We use and support a wide range of Hardware and Software products, and have excellent remote support facilities.


 On-site and remote support for office systems
  Full life cycle (specification->supply->installation->ongoing maintenance) support for Mail, Web, File and Print Servers
  Operating system and application support for common and specialised software products
  Management and reporting for assets and external services
 Backup & disaster recovery planning and implementation
 Provision and support for secure remote access solutions
 Network design, installation and management
 Office cabling



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