We supply a wide range of servers.   From a small site Windows based file and print servers right up to 32Gb Dual Quad-core Xeon servers with Hot-swap SCSI RAID drives running 64bit operating systems.    And we don't use tech speak like that unless you want to talk specifics - we have extensive experience in SMB environments and can recommend appropriate hardware for your organisation, with the right level of future expansion for the role.

We supply a full range of Intel or HP Rack mount servers.    All of our servers come with 3 years full on-site warranty and we can supply full management and reporting facilities.    Most of our clients run Windows Server platforms, but for some special applications we supply Unix or Linux Servers.

You won't find a standard price list on our website, because every server application requires a specification, appropriate to the unique requirements.    Talk to us about your needs and we will tailor the right server product to support them.



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