We supply and support a variety of Mail server and Web server options.

Mail servers

  • We supply and support Mdaemon integrated Mail servers as a very cost effective Small business solution
  • We also supply and support Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • We also offer the option to have your inwards mail pre-scanned by MessageLabs.

We have extensive expertise in the installation and management of Mail servers for SMB’s.
We can provide secure mail systems, with Web based mail clients that are available from anywhere in the world that has an Internet connection.
With Spam and virus traffic running as high as 70%-80% the option to have your mail pre-scanned by MessageLabs, can dramatically reduce the load on your in-house server, by preventing undesirable messages from entering your network.

Web servers

  • We can set you up an in-house webserver with connections into other applications if required.
  • We can also set you up with an external web service on a mainstream server at competitive rates
  • We can handle all DNS, firewall and routing issues
  • In house Intranet servers are also available.

We design and build basic web presence sites, but for more dynamic sites we can source web designers and builders, and  translate your requirements into specifications. We can and do handle the environment in which your website will run, be it external or internal to your network.



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